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The Art or Science of Solving Business Problems

Starting a business or managing an existing one is primarily centered on the concept of providing solution to identified problems. There are different schools of thought about the process of solving business problem. Some believe that the ability to be an effective problem solver is dependent on an individual’s I.Q., while others believe it’s a learnable skill.

One common fact agreeable by all is that successful entrepreneurs have been able to find the best approach to solving business problems within their organizations, and thus best positioned to solve their customers’ needs effectively as well. All businesses are setup to provide solutions to business problems in one way or the other.

In this article we have identified some very important steps in mastering the concept of problem solving. The steps include;

Step One – Problem Definition:-
The first step in problem solving is to carefully define what the problem is. You need to clearly identify and state what challenge it is that you are trying to solve.

Step Two – Identify the reason for the problem:-
After defining what the problem is, the next step is to isolate and clearly state what is causing the problem. This is primarily focusing on the root cause of the problem. This is very important because if you don’t identify the root cause before providing solutions, there is the possibility of the problem reoccurring after resolution.

Step Three – Identify multiple possible solutions:-
There are always multiple alternatives to resolving business problems. It is very important to clearly identify different options and note them down for consideration. This gives room for a more robust resolution process.

Step Four – Prioritize the options:-
At this point, you arrange your options in order of preference and practicability. Some options might sound good but not necessarily practical when it comes to implementation.

Step Five – Chose an option and Implement:-
After the process of identifying different options and laying them down, the next step is to decide which option to choose and implement accordingly. Once the option is implemented, there must be constant review to ensure that the process of problem solving is achieving its stated objective. If not, then modifications are made until an optimal process is achieved.

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