Tegsol Consulting


Manpower is the lifeblood of any organization. We provide the right training and development programs that will help ensure that both employees and owners of the business always have the right skills and information to function properly at all times.

We team up with various experts from different backgrounds to offer you a robust range of training programs aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in your organization. See below details of our basic training programs.

What you get

-Basic Accounting and reporting skills (Employees & Employers)

-Treasury and working capital management

-Financial Statement Analysis and Modelling 1 & 2 (module 2 is tailored for specific industries)

-Other targeted trainings and skill acquisition programs.

-We also provide skill development trainings for your in-house accountant.

You can also contact us for a more tailored training program suited specifically for your business.

OUR FEES STARTS from N30,000

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