Tegsol Consulting


Before introducing any product to our clients, we carry out a Financial Health Check where we diagnose where the real challenges of the business lies with respect to its finances and profitability. This helps determine the area of focus and how best to add value to the business.

Our main objective is to identify your pain points, evaluate them and determine the best approach to resolving such problems. We offer a free basic Financial Health Check to all our clients. However, if you need something more detailed, we also provide such services at an affordable fee to your organization.

What you get;

-End to end review of your financial systems from transaction initiation through book keeping to reporting.

-Assessment of your operational cashflow and current operational financing structure.

-Review of bank COT rates and other finance charges

-Review of structure and nature of loans, overdrafts, advances and other debts

-Review ageing of receivables and ageing of payables to establish length of cash cycle

OUR FEES STARTS from N30,000

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